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We are an award winning full-service digital marketing and E-commerce agency. RedFern Digital is responsible for the strategic direction, growth, and performance of some of the largest and most successful brands across a dynamic range of categories in the market, covering Research, Branding, Strategy, Social Media marketing, E-commerce & Technical Integration.

We don’t just help brands, we make them have IMPACT. Having impact means beating the market and your competitors at everything you do. Our insights, experience and kick-ass team mean that your brand is not only in safe hands but is about to thrive.

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    From the content that we produce, to the media activations we promote and platforms we sell through, we tell our brands’ stories.

    We share what differentiates our brands from others and create content that is engaging, contemporary, brand relevant and drives sales.


    Brand Campaigns


    Research Projects


    Media Accounts


    Brand Launches


    Development Projects


    Limitless Creativity
    How do we achieve this?
    Having a kick-ass team!
    Ryan Molloy
    Chief Executive Officer
    Ashwin Pillay
    Commercial Manager
    Emily Jiang
    Creative Director
    Frank Ren
    Digital & E-commerce Manager
    Daniel Zhang
    Senior Photographer
    Fritz Weiss
    General Counsel
    Vien Phan
    E-Commerce Operations Manager
    Minh Le
    Business Development Director
    Our Strength & Capabilities


    • Lazada Partner
    • Facebook & Instagram Partner
    • Google Partner
    • TikTok Partner
    • Cross-department Test & Learn Program
    • Seasoned experts in launching FMCG brands
    • Social media data and monitoring tools
    • Innovation & NPD for Asia
    • Mined sales data of hundreds of categories on E-commerce
    • Relationships with Lazada platform business development managers
    • Proprietary research & consumer testing methodologies & tools
    • In-house creative design & production house
    We understand the local advertising policy.

    We understand the local policies in each of the countries, especially when it comes to religion, alcohol, or specific food products to avoid.

    We understand the local consumers.

    Consumers from each country have their own consumer behaviors, purchasing habits, shopping holidays, and traditional festivals that they celebrate. We understand your consumers and can effectively convert them into customers.

    We can overcome the language barrier.

    Southeast Asia is a region with several countries, each having its own range of languages. Our local teams in each country will be able to create local content in the appropriate languages, using the right tone and word choice to connect with your target audience.

    We can localize your creative assets.

    With our own in-house creative and production teams, we are able to localize your creative assets to each country, whilst still remaining consistent with the global branding. Moreover, our creative team can develop new key visuals that are meaningful and tell the story of your brand.

    We are always optimizing.

    Our teams are always on top of campaigns or advertisements that are going on and will continuously optimize to improve results.

    We are driven by numbers.

    Although our team is filled with creatives that think in visuals, ultimately, we are focused on our key performance indicators and return on investment. Our numbers drive our actions, and we use the insights we obtain to plan and execute future brand activities.

    We can make your brands have impact.

    Having impact means combining strategy, branding, design, marketing, and advertising to establish an emotional connection to the customers and build long-term success in the Southeast Asian markets.

    Our Services



    Research & Data

    E-Commerce Data Mining;
    Influencer Research;
    Market Opportunity Assessment;
    Product Testing;


    Social Media Marketing

    Content Marketing;
    Account Operations & Management;
    Campaign Development & Execution;
    Community Management;


    Paid Media

    Search Engine Optimization;
    Search Engine Marketing;
    Influencer Marketing;
    Social Media Advertising;




    E-commerce Operations & Management


    Web Design & Development


    Creative Design & Branding

    Brand Localization;
    Graphic Design;
    Product Design;
    Video Production;

    Where can you find us?

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    Our Brands

    We have worked with brands from all around the world, large and small, and have experience in both taking over for a brand and revamping their image and style, along with building up a brand from the ground up to the sky.

    These are just a few of the brands that we’ve worked with.

    They’re making an IMPACT