Brand Audit of Social Media Activity & Presence, China Market Research, Branding Strategy, Competitor & Consumer Research, Optimized Social Media & Content Management Strategy


Bundaberg Brewed Drinks is an Australian brand that specializes in making craft brewed premium soft drinks. Although the brand first entered the China market many years back and already has an established presence, their social media growth has slowed. Therefore, Bundaberg Brewed Drinks approached RedFern Digital to conduct an audit of their social media presence and activity and identify the issues with their current owned media management.


RedFern Digital conducted detailed research on Bundaberg Brewed Drink’s owned media management and benchmarked the brand against other successful players in the category in China. Through our efforts, we were able to identify the issues that were preventing growth and propose an optimized social media and content management strategy. We also identified the core messaging that Bundaberg should focus on to further position the brand as a premium soft drinks brand in the China market.