Ella’s Kitchen
Market Research, Consumer & Competitor Study, E-commerce Data Mining, Branding & Localization, Digital Marketing Strategy

More than 60k views and over 1000 engagements.


Ella’s Kitchen is one of the top-selling Baby Food brands in the UK, and provides a variety of different prepared baby foods, such as multi-flavour fruit and veggie purees, yogurt, meal pouches, rice cereal, along with baby snacks such as puffs, puddings, oat bars, etc. Ella’s Kitchen requested support from RedFern Digital to conduct market research into the baby food category in China and to carry out a digital marketing strategy for the market.


To understand Ella’s Kitchen’s category in China, RedFern conducted research into the Baby Food Industry, looking into industry trends, consumer behavior and competitor studies. We also performed E-commerce data mining of the prepared baby food and baby snacks categories across a number of platforms online, in order to understand market opportunity and promotional strategies.

Using the research, we assisted with a localization and branding project to target key consumers, brainstorming with the creative team to develop visuals and taglines for the brand and carrying out the digital marketing plan to increase brand presence and drive sales.

During Christmas, we ran a campaign with H5 capabilities. The campaign encouraged users to upload baby pictures to the H5 program to create their own personalized digital Christmas greetings. When working with WeChat M&B KOLs to further promote Ella’s Kitchen, we received more than 60k views and over 1000 engagements.