Frank Body
Market Research, Sample Testing, Analysis of Market Opportunity, Competitor & Consumer Research

RedFern Digital conducted in-depth market research for Frank Body.


Frank Body is an Australian skincare company known for their bold marketing designs and for their coffee-based skincare. With a modest starting capital of $5,000 and using social marketing strategies, they grew Frank Body into a multi-million dollar skincare brand in a couple of years. The brand first entered the China market through Mecca’s Tmall flagship store, Australia’s leading cosmetics chain retailer. Frank Body approached RedFern Digital because they wanted to understand the market opportunity in China before they consider further expansions on their e-commerce activity.


RedFern Digital conducted in-depth market research for Frank Body, gathering E-commerce data within the skincare category in China on four different online shopping platforms through data-mining. By analyzing the data, we were able to gain insights on trends, popular products, pricing strategies and competitors. Moreover, we also conducted consumer research into consumption behavior among skincare users in China and consumer preferences on skincare through social listening and benchmark studies.