Sara Lee
Marketing Production, Website Design, H5 Design on WeChat, Social Media Marketing Strategy, KOL Management, Brand Localization, WeChat Account Management

All products sold out nationwide


Sara Lee is a desserts brand that focuses on creating desserts that are perfect for any occasion.

Sara Lee asked for an agency that could help with the development of a digital marketing plan, the production of marketing material, and the localization of the brand for the Chinese market.


RedFern helped to build up Sara Lee’s online presence by designing a website and putting together a digital marketing plan that included the implementation of am H5 programs on WeChat, the management of KOLs, and the general management of Sara Lee’s WeChat account.

RedFern assisted in the production of several video and photograph advertisements for Sara Lee, one of which was a one-minute video celebrating Chinese New Year with Sara Lee. Additionally, RedFern Digital also executed a hugely successful KOL campaign that resulted in Sara Lee selling out of thousands of cakes in a few hours and becoming the 3rd top sold SKU on’s dessert charts.