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30% net increase of WeChat followers


SunRice is one of Australia’s largest rice exporters and produces a range of different consumer products that include ready-made rice meals, rice-based snacks, and rice-based baby food. SunRice wanted an agency that could help them understand their market potential in China, and develop their digital marketing strategy and localized branding.


RedFern Digital produced a research report for SunRice that included e-commerce data analysis, consumer studies, and competitor research to help the brand gain a better understanding of its market opportunity in China. Moreover, RedFern also put together a digital strategy for SunRice that fit with their consumer profile, managing both the brand’s own media accounts and paid media initiatives. One of the campaigns we developed was the “Rice never tasted so good” campaign, which our creative team also designed key visuals for. During this campaign, we saw a large increase in the brand’s followers, with an increase from 2% in October to 6.5% in November.

For the China International Import Expo in both 2019 and 2020, RedFern worked with SunRice on design and offline event support.