Trade & Investment Queensland
Queensland Brands China Ready & Activation Incubation Project

The project has 4 phases and will enable the identification of Queensland brands that can be successful in selling into the China market.

The project will provide brands with the opportunity to understand how well their products can sell in the China market. Furthermore, brands will be provided with a number of insights, strategic suggestions and brand assets that can be used in the future for their independent long-term China market expansion.


  • Better understand Queensland brands’ value propositions in the China market
  • Identify key categories, brands and products for Queensland that can be successful in the China market
  • Guide all brands involved in the project towards a more strategic approach to be successful in the China market.
  • Proof and validation of the concept. Whereby in the future, TIQ will continue to offer China Brand Incubation Project


The key takeaways from the project would cover:

  • Suggested Unique Selling Points
  • Packaging and Design suggestions
  • Development of key communication points and brand elements to be later used in the market
  • Highlighting relevant brand product attributes/functions and other key aspects relevant to the China market
  • China cross-border sales volume history which is key for onboarding to formal platforms such as Tmall Global, JD Worldwide, Kaola, etc.
  • A digital footprint in the China market through the use of cross-border sellers within the program
  • Suggestions on key visuals, slogans and brands
  • Digital & Ecommerce Strategy