Strategy is at the center of everything that we do. When we work with a new brand, we utilize all our methodologies to develop a brand strategy that is customized to your brand, taking into account content pillars, multi-channel marketing solutions, campaign ideas, branding & localization, unique selling points, and key point of communication. We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the dynamic and rapidly expanding markets that make up Southeast Asia, and our aim is to make your brand have impact. Not just on sales, but also on consumer awareness and market presence.

Prior to any activities, our team of experts will work with you closely to assess and determine your brand’s strengths, weaknesses, key opportunities, and key threats, then built a brand strategy that will work towards long-term success. However, our strategy is never set-in-stone. With the fast-changing digital environment, we are consistently updating our knowledge and adapting our brand strategies to fit with the latest trades and insights in the market.

From brand positioning to visual identity, our comprehensive and wholistic approach to branding will drive recognition and inspire customer loyalty. Whether you are entering a new market or wanting to refresh your existing brand presence in Southeast Asia, we can make your brand have impact.


E-commerce Operations

& Management

As your E-commerce partner, RedFern can take care of your marketing, operational, customer and logistical needs across all Southeast Asia’s major platforms via both cross-border and domestic e-commerce.

Our comprehensive E-commerce services start with understanding your brand and category. Whether we are helping you to select the best e-commerce platform and set up an online store, or taking over management of your current online store, our actions are driven by measurable key performance indicators.

From online store set-up, through to store design & development, price setting, store launch, customer services, logistics & warehousing, and continued operations and management, we can guide your brand through it all.

We look towards pushing for both short-term sales, and long-term brand establishment and sustained success.



We leverage a unique suite of in-house developed research tools and methodologies to support our brands with tailored market research, from Southeast Asia market opportunity assessment, branding and consumer testing, right through to market strategy.


  • Ecommerce Data Mining
  • Product Testing
  • Competitor & Consumer Research
  • Market Opportunity Assessment

Ecommerce Data Mining

RedFern utilizes data mining technology to crawl Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platforms to drive actionable and strategic brand insights. We are one of the leading providers in Southeast Asia for real Ecommerce sales data and are able to pull data from over 300 categories and 50 platforms.

Focus Group & Product Testing

Testing and feedback are essential components of product development and marketing. As such, we offer product testing services to gain direct feedback from the target audience within the market, gather valuable insights that will help us to build an insights-backed brand strategy.

During our focus group sessions, our experience moderators will invite target consumers to participate in structured discussions that will be carefully guided to cover all relevant topics. Through the insights obtained, we will be able to refine our brand strategy, building out the key unique selling points that will appeal to consumers.


& Data
Influencer Research
influence research


INRES is a proprietary tool of RedFern Digital that allows for cost effective consumer research. It is the only tool of its kind in the market and helps brands revolutionize their Southeast Asia strategy.

Our Key Opinion Leaders are selected from our in-house pool based on category, follower base and experience working with similar brands. RedFern believes that consumers follow trends set by market leaders. Consumers rely on the advice and direction of influencers to support their decisions when trying new categories and products.

The RedFern Digital team, in collaboration with our influencers, can help brands better understand Product Feedback, Brand Positioning, Product USPs and Key Brand Communication Points, empowering their Southeast Asia market strategy.

Website Design

& Development

When expanding into a new country, brands need to consider what steps to take to localize to the market and allow for touchpoints through which potential customers can learn more about the brand mission and products.

We offer web design & development services to localize your brand to the target country, working with you to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website that will drive conversions and act as a direct point of interaction for potential customers.


  • Hosted on Fast Web Servers
  • Integrated Content Management System
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) enabled
  • Optimized through Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • UI/UX Design & Development
  • Users Analytics embedded




  • Brand Localization
  • Graphic Design
  • Merchandising
  • Product Design
  • Video Production
  • Photography


Our creative team is involved in every step of the journey for our brands, from branding & localization, landing page and website development, through to localized video and photo production. We can help you build your brand image and develop key visual assets that are memorable and localized to the market, whilst still maintaining your brand DNA.

We know that great branding and design is more than just looking good. It’s about communicating your brand message and connecting with your target audience in a memorable and meaningful manner. Our emphasis on storytelling means that we aim to create emotional connections through our designs.

Through our deep understanding of the visual trends within the market, we can design key visuals that both reflect your unique brand identity and are impactful to customers.